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Hello all,

Yea, I know, I'm horrible at updating this thing. It's been quite some time since I've updated our blog. I plan on posting some new pictures very soon so stay tuned!

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With the purchase of our trailer and dying to get out and use it we scheduled a camping trip for the weekend of the 28th - 30th. We went out to Fort Canby, now called Camp Disappointment, which is located right next to the town Ilwaco and Longbeach. As the time got closer we knew the weather wasn't going to be that great but we had already made the reservations and decided to stick with our plan.

The campground was really nice and there wasn't that many people around. On Saturday it was rainy off and on, but we got enough sun breaks where we could take Payton out to enjoy the beach. On Sunday it was a different story. I woke up at 4am to find snow on the awning which was weighing it down. So there I was outside trying to get the incredibly heavy snow off while trying not to wake my daughter. Thank goodness I got up at that time and was able to clear it off, the next day others in the park weren't that lucky. Trailer awnings ended up in the dumpster as they snapped under the pressure. That's not a cheap fix!

Next camping trip we're h0ping for clear sky's and warmer weather.


I recently purchased a Nintendo Wii and it's been a big hit. The way they've taken the user experience and made it interactive is amazing. Now anyone, no matter what age or skill level, can join in a game of bowling, golf, tennis, etc. So far the most popular game is bowling. You can see the form of my father below. I think he may be turning his wrist to much. My sister and brother-in-law just recently purchased one as well.

Guitar Hero is also another fun game that's very addicting. As you can see Mike is Rocking Out!!!

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It's been awhile since our last post. Things are going well, other than the Cougars dropping two home games last weekend.... Anyway, we're looking forward to some camping pretty soon and sunny days. It's hard to even imagine the sun with all the rain we've been having lately.

Payton loves her Care Bears and every time I turn around it seems like she has another one.

She's got this face we call the "Mean Face". She's trying to do it in this picture but it looks more like and exaggerated smile. Maybe one of these days she'll look meaner than that....

To all our friends and family we think of you often and hope all is well.

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We took Payton up to Cooper Spur ski area for a day in the snow. She loved it, had a great time walking it in, but was a little unsure of it when it got a little to deep. We can't wait to take her up there again. Before you know it she'll probably be skiing.

Payton's swim classes ended so Lisa found a place to go a tumble around. The Little Gym. She loved it so much Lisa has signed her up for a few classes that they'll be attending together. Below is a video of her showing off some new tricks.

I'm learning somersaults!!!

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It finally came, Payton's second Christmas. You would have thought that getting so many toys we'd be opening a daycare, but nope, they're all Paytons. Now I just have to find a place to store her old ones and were we can set up the news.

With all of the events happening thorugh the holidays I'll just post some pictures to sum it up. Thank you to all the family and friends we were able to visit over this special time.

Wow, a big toy for Daddy to put together
Zoo Lights with the Predeek's (Eric, Jenn, and baby Sienna)

There's got to be more in here!?!? I've only opened 100+ presents so far!

I got to have Christmas with my cousin Conner!

Go Cougs!!!

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Last year our eyes were bigger than our house. We have vaulted ceilings but didn't think about the width, so by the time we got our 12' high, 8 ' wide tree home last year we realized we made a mistake. After multiple trips to Fred Meyer, two tree stands, and 4' feet cut off the tree fit.

This year we took it easy and were able to cut down about an 8' high and 4' wide tree that fits perfect. About a half mile down the road from us is a nice tree farm that has a lot of acreage to wade through, find your perfect tree, and cut it down. The only thing was it was raining like crazy when we first got out there, Payton pooped her pants (and we didn't bring any diapers because we thought it would be a quick trip) and it was really muddy and cold. But we shook off the Ba Humbug thoughts and made it through. When we got the tree to the house we put it up in the garage to dry and waited till Payton went to bed to put it up. The next morning we turned on the lights and let her walk into the room to see the lighted wonder. Her expression was worth a thousand words and she backed it up with a giant "WOW" while pointing at the tree. Lisa also has also put up a bunch of X-mass "items" around the house that still gives Payton enjoyment to walk around and want to touch everything.

Payton is a huge Frosty the Snowman fan. We've watched the movie what seems like a thousand times. Thank goodness the movies are on DVD or else we would have already worn them out.

Before you leave this post check out a special greating from the Holman's below. It's called being Elfed and it's pretty funny.

Enjoy and Merry X-mass!